Updates Galore! June Debt and No Spend Month

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So I have good news, and I have bad news. Which would you like first? I’ve always been a bad news first kind of girl myself, it’s kind of liking ripping off a bandaid and the good news ends up being like a soothing balm. How’s that for poetic?

So here it goes, the bad news is our no spend month hasn’t really been no spend. Although I will say we have spent a lot less than we normally would. I had thought we were doing great, and then I balanced the checkbook last week. I noticed that the little trips I sent my husband on to the store were adding up a bit more than I had budgeted for. That’s right, he was great at talking the talk all month about our no spending pact, but when it came to the things he loved at the checkout he apparently couldn’t help himself.  To the tune of about 50.00.

That honestly wouldn’t have been so bad, but I have this little chip on my shoulder called the unfair monster. As in, it’s really unfair you got to spend extra and keep it from me, I didn’t spend any extra this month! Yea, I’m really mature. So out I went to do a couponing run I had been talking myself out of (in my defense I got both toilet paper and laundry detergent at my stock-up price) and a swimsuit top for my no longer nursing assets.

But hey, we spent a little over a hundred non-budgeted money this month, and actually came in under budget on things like gas. So while our no spend month did not go as planned, it still wasn’t all that bad.

And now for the good. Our debt update. We didn’t go crazy and cut our debt a ton this month, but we did cut it some! As of today our total is 146367.97. That’s 1267.53 less than it was last month!

In all fairness this is just from us paying minimums-let that sink in. And starting next month three of our cards will start to accrue interest (they’ve been interest free for the last year) so our debt will not go down nearly as much.

But tonight we go to week three of Dave Ramsey’s FPU. We’ve created our first budget and are talking about both big and small things we can cut. We’re chugging along, but we’re not using our cards anymore and are committed to tackling this mess we’re in. We can do it!

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