May 2017 Debt Total

I have a confession to make. Until earlier this month I hadn’t totaled our debt up since last summer. That’s right, I didn’t know how much debt we had for 9 months.

Even when we stopped using our cards earlier this winter, I still couldn’t bring myself to total our debt. I knew it was high, but I was scared and ashamed to see just how high.

A few weeks ago I gathered up the courage and bit the bullet. I added it all up; and y’all, I almost fainted. It’s that bad. 147,557.02 bad to be precise. You having trouble reading that?


I told you it was bad.

But you know what, it’s okay. I mean the debt is okay, but seeing the number is. Seeing that total might have made me almost faint, but it also lit a fire under my butt. It’s time to get to serious work on this debt free journey.


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